Exploiting Preflop Tendencies: Hyper & Turbo SNG Strategy

Hello friends, This video discusses the potential traps that come with employing a Nash strategy in SNG’s and goes over a few common spots where you can make high quality exploits in order to make more money in your own game.   →Read more

Bluffcatching Basics

Hey folks, first video is up on YouTube below. The next video in the queue will be using ICMizer to discuss Nash equilibrium and when it is appropriate to use and when to stray. There will be more videos to follow and I am happy to take suggestions for what you guys would like to […]? →Read more

How to play more tables at a time

How many tables should I play? I get asked this question often and there is not a one size fits all answer. There are a number of aspects to consider before you decide what you are capable of and how you are going to optimize it. It should go without saying, but if you are […]? →Read more

Exploitative strategy: BB vs SB limps

BB strategy facing a small blind limp is an area of the game not enough players take advantage of. The average player limps too weak of a range, limps too often, and folds out of position to small c-bets with a too high of a frequency. This is universal truth at low stakes anywhere from […]? →Read more

The Power of Discipline

I remember vividly 13 years ago 3 tabling $6 sng’s on Pokerstars. I desperately wanted to make enough money playing poker so I could afford $300/month rent in my 8×6 room (no joke) with some extra leftover for golf, gas, and pasta. I was in the middle of a session, took a bad beat, and […]? →Read more

Poker is dead

No it dang heck crap turd is not! If you love poker and want to put in work and make a lot of money at it it will likely always be there for you, whether it’s online or live. There are a number of excuses (and real reasons) why the game has become more difficult […]? →Read more